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Are you Concerned about your mental health?

Mental health conditions are very common. Fact, Montanans have been in the top leading states to rank the highest suicuides in the National. We are rural and have either a long distance to travel to get resources, or they don't exist! Taking a mental health screening can lower that risk, and it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition.

Maybe you’re having a hard time right now and want to check on your symptoms. Perhaps you’re concerned about a child or teen in your life You may even be living with a mental health condition, and want to use our screening tools to help you track your symptoms over time, which can help you notice when you might need some extra help (you can even share the results with your mental health provider if you want).

Take one of our free, anonymous and confidential mental health screenings today. If your screen is positive, you’ll be provided with local resources and referrals for help.

Mental Health Screening

After you have taken the screening, and you need extra support, please call our Montana Warmline -   877-688-3377

Montana Recovery Warmline

The Montana Recovery Warmline has been taking calls since 2008 - for almost 16 years we've heard your stories, your struggles and how you can't find providers/therapist/counselors, who to talk to when you are in your dark place, have no support at home, we've heard them all and have always continued to listen and offer unconditional support. We will be here to continue to take your calls for many years to come.  
         Call       877-688-3377
              Monday - Thursday 10am - 9pm, Friday/Saturday/ Sunday 1pm - 7pm 


Back to School Toolkit '23

This year, Mental Health America Recognizes with our 2023 Back to School Toolkit that our youth are having "All the Feels" as they enter the new school year. These resources look at the issues young people face that are having an impact on their mental health and offer tips on how to deal with these issues and the resulting emotions. The MHA toolkit can also help parents and school personnel better understand the issues, such as the effects of social media on youth mental health and how to be supportive. 

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