The Montana Crisis Recovery Line has a few open positions. We are looking for:


Crisis Counselors


Tribal Crisis Counselor


Job Requirements/Duties:

Part-Time position only, no benefits.

Is synonymous with the term “outreach worker.” Crisis counselors deliver services “outreach” in the communities rather than wait for survivors to seek their assistance during their shifts.


Data collection reporting – each employee will be responsible for logging in their calls

Be available for all mandatory training, including Core Content Training (which is an 8-hour training – broken into 2 days, 4 hours each day), and independent trainings.

Supervision will be done throughout the week to provide support and guidance to each crisis counselor.


Team meetings are mandatory, 1 hour every week.

Should you or know someone that might be interested in this position, either send your resume to or call 406-587-7774 and ask for Shellie!

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